Junior InterMission Abroad Trips Off To A Great Start!

Over the weekend, all Porter’s juniors set off on a trip to another country, run by our Institute for Global Education. Currently, they are all in either Japan, Vietnam, France, Spain, or South Africa. Read on to hear about their experiences so far!

Isa with her host student.

Isa R., Japan: “For me, this trip has been an incredible and once-in-a-lifetime experience. From the moment when we left the train station with our host families, to every little moment we have shared with others, ordinary things such as riding the train, walking to school, going up the escalator, attending classes, having family meals, trying traditional food, and meeting new people is unique and distinct because of how different Japanese culture is from what were accustomed to. Today we had Japanese classes at Kichijo during the morning and visited Joshigakuin School in the afternoon. I was impressed by the kindness and respect everyone treats everyone else with and their eagerness to get to know us while showing us their lifestyle.”

Laure-Joelle, Kami, Zoe, and Darian at their host school, Lycée Saint Martin

Kami V., France: “I love Rennes! It’s so pretty and my host student and her friends are awesome. I have tons of conversation with her and her mother and I can tell that my French is improving. My host sister and her sister play cards and other games. My host mom is fantastic and the food is even better!”

Faculty Member Amanda F., South Africa: “Our day started with breakfast and a trip to the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg, which is about 30 minutes away from campus. Visiting the Apartheid Museum taught us about an incredibly influential part of South Africa’s past in an interactive and eye-opening way. As we entered the museum, we were assigned races, either white or non-white, altering how we entered the museum and which halls displaying Apartheid identity documentation we walked through.”

Laura helping a student at The Olympia School prepare for her English exam!

Jami B. and Laura H., Vietnam: “The first class we went to this morning was an English class — we basically helped the Vietnamese students prepare for the English language test that they have to take in order to go to school in the United States or another English-speaking country. Next we had a meeting with the student government. We got to know each other and then they toured us around the school! It’s amazing here. It’s so different [from home] and there’s a culture shock at first, but once you lean into it, it’s really lovely to learn about people. The people here are really kind and friendly!”

To learn more about the Institute for Global Education at Miss Porter’s School, click here!

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