Tips For Submitting Your Secondary School Application

In December and January, students and families start to feel the pressure. Applications to secondary schools are almost due! The Porter’s Admission Office wants to help. Read on for our favorite tips to help get you through these next few weeks and turn in an application that feels true to you!

1. Stay in touch! Let us know if you’ve recently won an award, played a great game, or read a good books. We always love to hear from you!

2. Take some time for quiet self-reflection! Put down the phones, the laptops, the iPads…just get out your journal and reflect on all of the things that you are proud of and that you want to highlight on your application.

3. When writing your personal statement or essay: Be original. When you have finished your essay draft, ask yourself, “Could anyone else have written this essay?” Don’t allow others to change your words so that you don’t hear your own voice anymore. Be honest, genuine, and forthright. Write from the heart, and pick a topic that is meaningful to you!

4. Students always say to us, “I don’t want to brag!” Get out of this mindset. This is the time you should brag and be proud of your many accomplishments! Don’t shy away from telling us the stories that make up who you are. 

5. Keep working hard on your applications, but also find time to do what you love and enjoy the holiday season with friends and family!

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