Faculty Friday: Amy Sun, Languages Department

This week for Faculty Friday, we sat down with Amy Sun, a member of the classical and modern languages department.

What is your favorite tradition at Porter’s? The last Dance Workshop performance of the year every spring!

In your opinion, what makes a Porter’s girl distinct? Porter’s girls are curious, engaged, worldly, and compassionate.

What excites you most about teaching at Porter’s? The freedom to experiment with innovative pedagogy, hands-on experiences, and InterMission, of course!

How do you see yourself preparing your students for school and for life? I feel that what I teach is more than content — it is habits of mind, reasoning and analysis, finding one’s voice and using it to defend their arguments and ideals. These are the skills of civic duty and future collaborations — crucial in adulthood.

How would you describe the Porter’s community? Energizing and intellectually stimulating.

Where does your passion for teaching come from? From my passion for learning, of course! And it would be cool to have eternal youth; hanging with the kids is as close as I can get to that!

What is your favorite dining hall food? Smashed potato bar.

Where can you typically be found when you’re not in class? I am often covered in yarn, making fiber arts: original design in knitting, weaving, sewing. Or running. Or snuggling my daughter, our pug, or our bulldog.

Ms. Sun earned her bachelor’s degree from Emory University with a double major in Latin and political science, and her master’s degree in Latin from the University of Georgia. Throughout her teaching career, Ms. Sun has presented on teaching and learning at various conferences. At Porter’s, she has served as a department chair and InterMission dean in addition to teaching Latin. She also serves as a field hockey coach and advisor. 

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