Miss Porter’s School’s Theme for 2018-2019: Paying Attention On Purpose

Faculty members are back from summer vacation, the grounds crew is busy readying campus, and our dining hall staff is preparing the first meals of the year — it must be back-to-school season at Miss Porter’s School!

As everyone gears up for an amazing 2018-2019 school year, we are focusing our work around this year’s all-school theme, Paying Attention On Purpose: Innovation through Empathy and Mindfulness. The all-school theme at Miss Porter’s School serves to unify students and teachers around a common topic of discussion and set of goals.

Dan Kranzler, tech entrepreneur and founder of the Kirlin Charitable Foundation, writes, “Before [we] get to the ways that innovation can be nurtured or taught, it’s important to step back and look at whether our children, the innovators of the future, are gaining social and emotional skills — like sensitivity, empathy, social mindfulness, teamwork and an ability to imagine very different life experiences.” Thus, we must think of innovation as an iterative process fueled by mindfulness and empathy.

Positive and impactful innovation requires empathy; empathy requires genuine human connection; and genuine human connection requires mindful and balanced use of technology.

By becoming better perspective takers, by paying attention on purpose, and by reflecting on the ways in which technology impacts us both positively and negatively, we allow ourselves the opportunity to put others at the center of the world we hope to shape.

Keep in touch throughout the year as we challenge ourselves to pay attention on purpose and innovate through empathy and mindfulness. Subscribe to the blog or follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Happy New School Year!

Post by Katherine Brink, Associate Director of Admission

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