Porter’s New Girls and Ancients Mingle at Flights of the Mind: At the Intersection of Art and Science

DSC_2072Many members of the Miss Porter’s School community (Ancients, New Girls, families, and friends!) gathered at the Apella by Alexandria in New York City on May 2 for Flights of the Mind: At the Intersection of Art and Science. The event included a panel discussion featuring Nobel Prize laureates in science as well as artists and experts in the field of art history.


Head of School Katherine G. Windsor, pictured above left, welcomed the 200 guests with the following brief remarks: “It is on the occasion of our 175th [anniversary] that we’re here this evening to both reflect on the history of our school and also begin to think about the future. This evening, we are going to hear from some remarkable leaders in their fields, as they¬†reflect on their individual work, but most importantly, on the ways in which their work intersects and is part of how we think about the future. As we think about the future for Miss Porter’s School, the conversation and the debate that you will hear tonight is in many ways the conversation that we’re having on campus, as we think about the need to build an interdisciplinary curriculum. At Miss Porter’s School, I say over and over again: within our legacy lies our future. So this evening we gather to celebrate our legacy, and have a bit of a peek into the future through these wonderful professionals that are here with us this evening.”IMG_4372

New Girls from the Class of 2022, like Victoria B. and Morgan S. (pictured right), also enjoyed the opportunity to connect with one another in advance of opening day. Along with their families, they mingled with Ancients and other friends of the school, already establishing connections with the greater Porter’s community.

This event was co-sponsored by Trustees Sunnie Holden Evers ’71 and Nancy Klingenstein Simpkins ’73. Below, you can hear their remarks regarding the event, their experiences at Porter’s, and the future of women in the arts and sciences!


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