The All-Girls Advantage

Post by Katherine Brink, Senior Assistant Director of Admission at Miss Porter’s School

When trying to describe the undeniable advantage of an all-girls education, such as the one that I received in high school, I often think of a quote from our view book:

“The chance to learn, grow, and evolve alongside other empowered young women is a rare and powerful opportunity. Seize it.”

I will admit, though, that when I was a teenager, the idea of an all-girls school did not appeal to me. My parents absolutely convinced me to enroll – and for that I am ever-grateful!

When I was in middle school (and even before that!) I saw myself as an student-athlete – not as a leader, but as a participant. My view of who I was was truly one-dimensional.


But throughout my first year of high school, that started to change. I engaged in clubs, classes, and activities that I never would have before. At the end of my sophomore year, I tried out for the a cappella group, eventually becoming a head of the group my senior year. I also applied to be a peer educator (a leadership role for juniors) and found that I loved working with other students, especially younger ones, in a mentoring capacity. My senior year, I even became a proctor of a freshman hall, meaning that I would dedicate my year to living with freshmen and helping them through their transition to high school.

By the time I graduated from high school, I had taken risks. I had experienced success, and grown from failure. I had befriended girls from every corner of the globe, from incredibly diverse backgrounds. My world had expanded immensely, which truly set me on the path that I am on now: at the age of 27, I have studied, lived, and worked abroad, and now, I mentor teenage girls – who constantly remind me of myself and my classmates from all-girls boarding school!


At an all-girls school, girls feel free to be uniquely themselves. Girls who attend girls’ schools are more self-confident, more intellectually engaged, achieve at a higher level, invest more time in their passions, and aspire to greater heights than their peers elsewhere. At an all-girls school, girls are never the audience and are always the players. They can risk success and failure without the distractions, gender stereotypes, or social pressures of a coed classroom setting. For me, this setting was life-changing, and I hope that, if you are a girl who is deciding where to go to high school, it will be for you, too.

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