News from the Academic Office: Curriculum Enhancements at Miss Porter’s School

Miss Porter’s School is launching the first phase of a curricular transformation aimed at laying the foundation for a new curriculum that is experiential, collaborative, challenging, and authentic in nature. Read on for specific ways in which the Porter’s curriculum will be enhanced in the 2018-2019 school year!

Certificate Granting Programs

In the fall of 2018 we will launch two certificate granting programs:

  • The first program will be a part of our newly created Institute for Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (TIE). Through coursework in this institute, students can earn a certificate in TIE that will be notated on their transcript. orig_photo336276_3442975
    Courses will cover topics such as computer programming, mobile app development, digital art, 3D art, mechanical design, game design, engineering, robotics, biotechnology, business, statistics, and marketing. For a complete description of the institute, its course offerings, and the requirement for earning the certificate, click here. In order to facilitate this work we are investing in personnel and facilities, including the opening of a brand new innovation lab on the bottom floor of the Olin Arts and Science Center. This facility will be home to a suite of rapid-prototyping tools and other emerging technologies that will allow your girls to design, make, build, and create.
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  • Our existing Institute for Global Education will be offering a certificate in Global Studies. In order to earn this certificate students will need to complete a variety of coursework including a new advanced course that will serve to deepen and expand upon the students’ International InterMission experience. For a complete description of global studies course offerings and the requirements for earning the certificate, click here.

Advanced Interdisciplinary Seminars

orig_photo507226_4765634In the spirit of InterMission, we are also rolling out our own unique slate of Advanced Interdisciplinary Seminar (AIS) courses. This advanced set of courses will further distinguish Porter’s and the students who take them. They go a step beyond the AP courses that are offered in almost every school in the country. While AP courses tend to focus on content acquisition and require teachers to teach to a test, AIS courses are about developing skills. They will require students to think more deeply, to ask questions, to evaluate information, and to make connections between related topics. Students will have rich experiences, they will communicate and collaborate, and they will create in ways that a rigid AP curriculum does not allow.

Next year’s Advanced Interdisciplinary Seminars will include:
  • AIS – Modern and Contemporary Art: Agents of Good
  • AIS – Global Studies: Beliefs, Behaviors, and Building Cross-Cultural Narratives
  • AIS – The Good Life: Moral Philosophy and Applied Ethics
  • AIS – Research Methods: Youth Participatory Action Research for School Improvement
  • AIS – US History and Literature: Four Moments in American History through Art, Literature, and Music
  • AIS – Neuroscience: Biological Bases of Behavior
  • AIS – Cognitive Psychology: The Individual and Society
  • AIS – Latin: Advanced Genre Study
  • AIS – French: Reflections in Literature and Social Studies
  • AIS – Spanish: Entrepreneurial Leadership through Community Engagementoption 2 - ssat email
  • AIS – Mathematics: Advanced Topics
For a complete listing of all of our advanced courses, which include AIS courses, AP courses offered on campus, and AP courses offered through One Schoolhouse (our online partner school) click here.

Social-Emotional Learning

orig_photo518312_4854903In the 2018-2019 school year, we will also implement a four-year, comprehensive Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum that will be delivered each Wednesday during the “X block” in our schedule. Grade-level seminars will expose students to developmentally appropriate tenets of leadership; diversity, equity, and inclusion; global citizenship; and health and wellness. Students will explore their intersecting identities and enhance their understanding of diverse perspectives within a personal and global context. The foundation of this exploration will be rooted in the development of empathy, resilience, connectedness, and agency.

The future is incredibly bright at Miss Porter’s School, and we are confident that these additions to our program will go a long way toward preparing our students for the future!
If you have any questions about the curriculum at Miss Porter’s School, please contact Chief Academic Officer Tim Quinn at

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