Porter’s Pitch Day: An Interview with Darlie Kerns ’20

On Wednesday, December 6, Miss Porter’s School students showcased their technology and entrepreneurship skills at Porter’s Pitch Day. During the event, groups of students pitched their mobile apps to a panel of judges comprised of Ancients Ellie Large ’81 and Alexandra Lazowski ’09, Chief Advancement Officer Christine Pina, and Chief Academic Officer Tim Quinn.

Students developed the mobile apps as part of their Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship class, where they were tasked with designing an app that “solves a problem that girls face in today’s society.” The 12 groups created a variety of problem-solving apps including a community recycling app and an app that tracks the clothing you lend to friends.

After two hours of presentations, the panel selected “Glowstick,” an app designed to offer women a safe space to share their thoughts and to learn more about equal rights laws around the world, as the winning design. The app was created by Soraya L. ’19, Darlie K. ’20, Annie-Kate S. ’21, and Hannah Y. ’21, who designed the app based on their research showing a lack of online support groups for women. The following is an interview recorded with Darlie:

What inspired the idea behind Glowstick?

I have been struggling for a while to find a community to really support this movement of equality that has been fought for years and years. (That’s a part of the reason I came to an all-girls’ school!) The reality is, women are too busy to put aside their whole lives to all dedicate everything they have to this movement, and Glowstick came from the idea that we as women need a place to get together that doesn’t derail the important work we are doing.

Why do you think Glowstick is important for women to have?

Glowstick is an accessible community. Every woman, no matter who they are, should feel like they have a group of people who have their back when it comes to something as basic as having equal rights and opportunity. It’s that simple.


What was it like presenting your design in front of your classmates and a panel of judges?

I had confidence in this project. I worked very hard on this project and it was mine and I trusted my abilities enough that I knew it was going to do well. It was exciting showing people for the first time.

What did you gain from this Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship class project?

This is an awesome app. I have important ideas that have manifested themself into this project and I wouldn’t have had the time otherwise.

Why do you think it’s important for girls to experience an event like Porter’s Pitch Day?

Girls are constantly being told they are not smart enough for this. Girls are not supposed to want things for themselves and this app development exercise fulfills the need for people our age that we so desperately want to matter in the world, and this is a real life way to take a stab at that.

To learn more about Porter’s Pitch Day, and even watch a recording of the event, click here.

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