Miss Porter’s students attend SPHERE Student of Color Summit

On Sunday, November 7, 18 students traveled to the Watkinson School to participate in the SPHERE Student of Color Summit. The Summit was created in recognition of the unique needs and experience of students of color at predominately white independent schools. It provides a collaborative space for students of color to come together in a critical mass to learn from each other about identity, leadership, and activism, and seeks to unite, inspire, and empower students of color with the goal of enhancing their overall experience at SPHERE schools.

SOC Summit

The day began with some music, breakfast, and informal connecting with the other 65 students from Loomis, Ethel Walker, Westminster, Avon Old Farms, Kingswood Oxford, Suffield and Watkinson. Following an impromptu morning singing session, the students gathered for a large group activity where they shared about their experiences as students of color in independent schools. Later in the morning, they had the opportunity to hear from keynote speakers Chris and Nick Sailor (Watkinson grads). Chris and Nick shared a piece of their journey through independent schools as students of color and integrated music throughout the morning. Following the keynote, students ate lunch in small groups. They then moved on to small group discussions with topics that included Colorism, Representation in the Media, Dealing with Microaggressions, and Being an Athlete and Student of Color. The day ended with students participating in a social hour with music and fun.


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