Student Spotlight: Georgie H. ’18

Where are you from?

New York City

What activities do you participate in here at school?orig_photo450312_4430952

JV field hockey, thirds basketball, JV tennis, Head of Concordia (community service club)

What are some of the best things about going to an all-girls’ school?

An all-girls’ school provides girls with the opportunity to figure out who they are without the pressure of boys. Without boys, girls can be their truest selves. They don’t have to hide themselves just in case a boy might not like them.

What is the Porter’s classroom experience like?

The Porter’s classroom is a safe environment. It is a place where students can learn to grow and to express themselves with the help of their friends and teachers. The teachers provide the students with the knowledge of the topic, but the students take it one step further, and try understand why that topic matters and why it is relevant.

At Porter’s, girls are educated to become informed and bold young women who will shape a changing world. How has Porter’s helped you gain more independence and be bolder?SingingintheGarden-278

Coming from a mainly white, Catholic school, I had not really been exposed to many cultures. During my first few weeks at Porter’s I met ¬†girls of all different backgrounds and cultures, and I loved learning about their lives. Porter’s diversity has really changed me as a person. Porter’s attracts all different types of girls. I have met so many different people during my time here. Porter’s is one of the most diverse campuses compared to other boarding schools. A diverse campus is important in the growth and learning of the girls because it teaches them about other people’s cultures and about the world outside of Farmington. Girls at Porter’s learn to be well-rounded, ethical students because the diverse campus teaches us to be respectful and welcoming to everyone and to every culture.

What passions have you developed at Porter’s?

I have learned how to play field hockey. I have developed a love for humanities. I love the Harkness method because it forces me to join the discussion and to get out of my comfort zone.orig_photo500843_4699398

Who is your favorite teacher or mentor on campus and how has s/he made an impact on you?

MJ [science teacher, Mary Jo Moulton] was the first person I met on the Porter’s campus and she has taught me so much. I have never had her as a teacher, but she is always there to ask me how my day is going or to make sure I am not stressed. I met her at field hockey, and the first thing she said to me was “I noticed you don’t like to run, we need a goalie and you don’t have to run in that position,” and the next day I hiked up the hill with my goalie gear and tried something new. She forced me out of my comfort zone, in a good way. She helped me try something new.

Can you tell us about life at Porter’s? What do you and your friends do for fun?

My friends and I love to go to Naples. I go almost every Friday night. The girls know me there, it has come to a point when I walk in they say “hi Georgie” and they put me at my regular table.

If you were to give one piece of advice to a New Girl, what would it be?

Make the most of every day because your time at Porter’s goes by fast!

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