Why should you attend boarding school? A reflection on class retreats

Today is the fourth day of classes at Miss Porter’s School and we are all soaking up the joy of heading back to school. Old Girls have shown up with new haircuts, maybe a few inches taller, while New Girls arrived giddy with anticipation of what’s to come. I feel an incredible sense of excitement knowing the adventure that they are embarking on as a new student in a boarding school.

Girls leading

Students spent the first part of last week on class retreats, during which they flexed their leadership muscles and spent time bonding as a class. I joined the senior retreat, where our oldest girls took stock of all that they had accomplished in the past few years and set some goals for their future, whether that be within the next year, five years, or even 10 years! They also had some serious fun — ropes courses, campfires, and swimming in the lake were all highlights of the trip. On these retreats, girls have a chance to learn leadership skills, spend time together without the pressure of classes (which had yet to start), and disconnect from technology. It is in this context, and in the context of boarding schools, that great relationships are able to form. And, as we believe, the deepest learning happens in the context of great relationships.

These retreats are just one of a whole host of special moments that teenagers experience at boarding school. They are representative of the notion that education is no longer limited by space and place and that students need some space in order to grow. A change of scenery never hurt anybody!

For more insight into why you should attend boarding school yourself, or consider it for your child, I recommend Helen Waldron’s article, Why Your Child Should Attend Boarding School.


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