Student Spotlight: Lauren S. ’20. “Because of the opportunities Porter’s offers, I was able to find my voice.”

Lauren S. ’20, a student from Montclair, NJ, will be starting her sophomore year this September. Having come from a large, public middle school, Lauren found the Miss Porter’s School experience to be new and exciting — from interactive classroom discussions around the table to all the opportunities available to her here. Lauren participates in the Debate Club, Model United Nations (Model UN), Earth Club, Nature Club, and the Book Club to name just a few, and through these activities and her academic studies, she has developed passions for public speaking, leadership, political science, and computer programming. When she’s not studying, she’s active on the field and court with the school’s soccer, squash, and track & field teams.

schramm-trackandfield-crWhat passions have you developed while at Porter’s? I have developed passions for leadership, public speaking, political science, and computer programming.

What are some of the best things about going to an all-girls’ school? Going to an all-girls’ school creates so much less drama. Here, everyone is so supportive and the community is so much more inclusive. Everyone is encouraged to be themselves. Our unique qualities are the ones that stand out at an all-girls’ school, rather than the qualities that everyone strives to obtain to fit in.

What is the Porter’s classroom experience? I went to a public school and there were over 30 students in each class, so coming to Porter’s was a whole new experience. The classes are smaller and are more interactive. I’ve found that the discussions that happen around the table are so much more enticing and everyone is encouraged to participate.

classGirls are educated here to become informed and bold young women who will shape a changing world. Can you describe an experience that has helped you gain more independence and be bolder? I would say that going to the Harvard Model United Nations conference helped me to gain more independence and be bolder. As the only freshman among our school’s Model UN group, along with 3,000 students from around the world, I was easily the youngest — that was extremely intimidating. However, that weekend proved to be one of the best of my life and, because of the opportunities that Porter’s offers, I was able to find my voice.

Do you have a favorite teacher? I love all of my teachers and truly enjoy all my classes, but Kate Doemland, English teacher, is one of my favorites. She finds a way to connect with each student and draw out the passion for learning and reading that they never knew they had from within them.

What’s life like here outside of the classroom? We go out for food, go to the mall and do things like that. Really as long as I’m with my friends I don’t care where I am or what I’m doing.

soccerWhat are your top 5 favorite things about Porter’s?
1. Community
2. Opportunities
3. Friendships
4. Teachers
5. Athletic environment

If you were to give one piece of advice to a New Girl, what would it be? Stay focused, don’t procrastinate, know your goals, and value your friendships.

Lauren (far right) and her friends, along with many others from Miss Porter’s School, joined forces with Avon Old Farms School for Relay for Life, an American Cancer Society fundraiser for cancer research and treatment. Between the two schools, almost $30,000 was raised.

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