Student Spotlight: Cydney H. ’18. “Lean into discomfort — reach out of your comfort zone. You don’t learn anything from being comfortable.”

Cydney is from San Antonio, Texas and will be starting her senior year at Miss Porter’s School this fall. She is an active student who loves trying new things and participates in theater, the Model United Nations, Concordia (a student-run community service organization), Watu Wazuri Student Equity Council, the Black Latina Alliance, and the photography club. Cydney is also an Event Guide for the Admission Office. She understands the importance of volunteering too and every Monday, helps third-graders with their reading at the Noah Wallace School in Farmington. We recently caught up with Cydney to chat about life at Porter’s:

Cydney on stageWhat are some of the best things about going to an all-girls’ school? When I was younger, I struggled with confidence, and I was often nervous if what I said was “right” or “wrong.” Being at Miss Porter’s School, I found the confidence in myself and I can share and express my own opinions. Using this confidence, I feel I will succeed inside and outside of the classroom in college and beyond.

Girls are educated here to become informed and bold young women who will shape a changing world. Can you describe an experience that has helped you gain more independence and be bolder? I feel some of my experiences in the classroom have changed me, such as learning different topics and leaning into discomfort. I believe going to South Africa for 2017 InterMission made me gain more independence and confidence, and made me bolder as well. I learned so many things while abroad, and using my Porter’s skills, I blossomed.

South Africa InterMission Trip 2017
2017 InterMission trip to South Africa

What passions have you developed at Porter’s? I have developed a passion for international relations by being a part of the Model United Nations. I have also had a keen interest in Asian Studies, especially in China and Japan. I have a passion for biology as well.

CydneyCan you tell us about life at Porter’s? What do you and your friends do for fun? I’m usually quite busy, but for free time, my friends and I usually go to Naples Pizza, Starbucks, or on the weekend, the mall or the movies. My days are usually long and hectic, but I also learn something new at the end of each day.

What are your top 5 favorite things about Porter’s?
1. Theater
2. Traditions
3. My classes
4. Friends
5. Creating new memories

If you were to give one piece of advice to a New Girl, what would it be? I would say be adventurous and try new things! When you are in high school, there is a new source of independence and so many things that you want to try. Also, I would say lean into discomfort — reach out of your comfort zone. You don’t learn anything from being comfortable.

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