Student Spotlight: Yeda M. ’19. “Miss Porter’s School is a welcoming and open community that respects individuality…”

Yeda is rising junior from Seoul, South Korea. She loves the opportunities available to her at Miss Porter’s School, which have allowed her to pursue a number of passions — from teaming up with Matthew Poage, her math teacher, on Web Applications Programming and developing games, to serving as layout editor for Salmagundy, the school newspaper. A member of the Varsity cross country and track & field teams, Yeda can often be seen running along campus paths and Farmington’s trails, enjoying the beautiful scenery and taking in the fresh air. We recently chatted with Yeda to talk about life as a student at Miss Porter’s School:

Cross Country runningWhat are some of the best things about going to an all-girls’ school? Going to an all-girls’ school has enabled me to develop intimate and profound relationships with friends. Porter’s is a welcoming and open community that respects individuality and supports students to find and develop their unlimited potential and voice.

What is the Porter’s classroom experience like? All classes at Porter’s are student-led and students encourage each other to share their passions, ideas, and curiosity. For example, in English class, students discuss what they’ve read and we learn from the different interpretations each student has. Furthermore, teachers are always caring about each student’s academic progress and they challenge us to push ourselves out of our comfort zones. I can always ask questions to teachers about plans for my essay, math or physics problems, or any assignments or assessments at anytime by simply setting a meeting with them. I absolutely love Porter’s for its rigorous academic program that lets each individual thrive and succeed.

Intermission trip to the BerkshiresGirls are educated here to become informed and bold young women who will shape a changing world. Can you describe an experience that has helped you gain more independence and be bolder? During last InterMission, I was in Facing Your Dragons group, which focused on wilderness first aid. We not only learned about first aid in classroom settings but on week 2, we went to the Berkshires and experienced real wilderness situations! Before this trip, I was very afraid of wilderness and cold weather; however, after the program, I was able to develop my courage to tackle new obstacles and challenges.

Can you tell us about life at Porter’s? What do you and your friends do for fun? During free time, my friends and I usually hang out at KLG patio or on a grassy field enjoying the beautiful sunshine. We also go to Truffles, Naples Pizza, or Starbucks for treats! On weekends, we sign up for activities that range from mall trips to socials with consortium schools.

Getting ready for Spirit Day: Go squirrels!What are your top 5 favorite things about Porter’s?
1. New Girl and Old Girl pairs
2. Supportive faculty members
3. The life-lasting friendships
4. Exciting Traditions such as Singing in the Garden
5. Active student-led discussions in class

If you were to give one piece of advice to a New Girl, what would it be? Don’t be afraid of trying out new things!!! I am discovering more about myself and developing my passions through a variety of classes and programs that Porter’s offers!

Friends at Miss Porter's School

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